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Who we are

EPSIDON is the latest installment of an adventure that started in 1995, when creating Web-based applications was the exception. Fast forward to 2011, we are now in the era of software for smartphones and tablets, and EPSIDON is firmly there, making it happen. The technology world has shifted again and EPSIDON is part of it.

We are an active player in the mobile world. Our deep links to research and higher education shape our approach and our solutions. It is our philosophy to often include in our teams graduate students to work along seasoned professionals. We also work closely with research institutions, in fields such as pure computer science, e-health or social science, and we produce our own research.

Research is simply our way to stay on top of the field. We are primarily about bringing the right solution to our customers, a solution that works for them. In the end, all that matters to us is that our software serves its purpose to the fullest.