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Products and services

Mobile applications are increasingly fashionable. Everybody wants one! But the reality out there is far from perfect. Too many “apps” just fail short of legitimate expectations. Too many of them simply move to the phone or the tablet information that is already available somewhere else in a more convenient form. And too many applications simply target one kind of device, excluding usually the majority of potential users. In the end, the mobile application is barely used at all, and the opportunity is wasted.

In addition, applications are usually not designed to bring value to you in the first place. They just inform your costumers, without giving back anything to you. It is truly a major opportunity being wasted!

That is not how we approach our trade. When we design a mobile application, we make sure that:

  we leverage every possible opportunities from the mobile world to make your app an unquestionably useful addition to your existing offering,
  we target the most popular devices to ensure a large diffusion of your app,
  we work closely with you to make sure that you get the most out of the app, to better serve your costumers and to create new business opportunities for you.

We offer both services and products. Please contact us if you want us to help with your software needs, on mobiles and on the web. We can create entire solutions from the ground up, but we can also help expanding exisiting solutions. And stay tuned for our own soon to be released applications, the Veni Vidi suite and the Mobiseum suite.